Things To Note When Raising Squirrels

Like other squirrels, the wild nature of ground squirrels is very high. Therefore, if you want to raise ground squirrels as pets, you should start raising them right from the moment of separation.Squirrels

It will be difficult to tame if keeping an adult ground squirrel because they are very aggressive and like to live in groups. The process of raising ground squirrels will have certain difficulties, especially pay attention to the diseases they often suffer.


The most common is dehydration. This can be checked by gently pinching the skin to see how elastic it is. If skin elasticity is poor, need to add Pedialyte immediately to squirrel. This can be found in pharmacies. Refrain from feeding squirrels at this time as they are dehydrated, difficult to digest or die if fed too early.


If the baby squirrels turn their heads and act weakly, they may experience hypoglycemia due to a lack of blood sugar. Need to add a small amount of honey, syrup or fruit jellies immediately to replenish the necessary amount of sugar for them.


This can happen if you give the ground squirrel drink milk or water or liquids too quickly and too much at the same time. Fluid can spill through the nose into the lungs and cause pneumonia.

To realize this, you can see ground squirrels breathe out bubbles as you feed them. Put their heads down immediately to let the liquid drain.


This can happen when you overfeed squirrel or eat strange foods. Stop giving water or milk to ground squirrels when this happens. They can be given baby medicine to relieve their symptoms or massage the ground squirrel when soaking half of them in warm water.Squirrels

Proceed for about 5 minutes, then allow the squirrel to rest, dry for about 15 minutes and try again. This allows ground squirrels to deflate or pass stool, and the urine will help reduce bloating.