What Do The Kittens Eat? Feeding Method

Make sure your kitten always has enough water to drinkWhat Do The Kittens Eat

Some cats are a bit picky and will not want to drink the water placed next to the plate, and many cats will not drink dirty water either. Try moving the dish around the room if your cat isn’t drinking and change the water often to make sure it stays clean. You can also consider buying for your cat or cat with automatic “cat water fountain” to stimulate the cat’s interest, and help the cat always have enough clean water to drink.

Consider feeding your kitten dry foodWhat Do The Kittens Eat

If you choose to use dry cat food, you can feed your cat at any time. Usually, the cat will not overeat. However, there are exceptions to this as well. If your kitten starts to gain too much weight, talk to your veterinarian about the right diet and type of food for your kitten.

Try not to put too much food in your cat’s bowl more than your standard one-day intake, or you can also split the food into small pieces (i.e. when you need to feed, fill the bowl, making it easier to check. control the amount of food the cat eats each meal). The food should be replaced within 24 hours from when you pour it into the cat’s bowl, change to a new one to avoid the old food is too dry, the cat will not eat anymore.

Feed your cat canned food (Pate cat) two to four times a dayWhat Do The Kittens Eat

Canned food (also known as cat pate) is great for young cats as it adds some liquid to your cat’s diet, which can help keep your cat from constipation. Teach your kittens how much food they can eat each time, then take away a plate, only when feeding. If you are feeding your kitten dry food, two servings of canned food are plenty. However, if you are not using dry food, you will need to feed your cat canned food three or four times a day.

Milk for kittensWhat Do The Kittens Eat

Don’t give your kitten cow’s milk to drink – it can make her sick and have diarrhea. You can easily find specialized baby cat milk to replace the mother’s milk at many pet stores in the area.